If you think you know TV ads, think again

If you think you know TV ads, think again

In 2015 we set about bringing Alpamare to Scarborough to show you Brits a waterpark unlike any you’d ever seen before. With footfall of 6 million a year it was the perfect place to make a splash, but we needed someone to tell our story. So we appointed Leeds agency Bloom. They knew Yorkshire like no-one else having worked with brands like the National Trust and Welcome to Yorkshire, helping them make some noise around the great attractions this scenic region has to offer.
They told us that in the UK you don’t know waterparks. They’re cold, unhygienic and uninspiring, not to mention the food is terrible. In The Alps we do things a little differently and we wanted to show you in the funnest, waviest, biggest way possible… A TV ad.

The cast
We didn’t want actors, we wanted real families to experience the Alpamare adventure and show you the splashing, laughing and sliding first hand. So we launched a page on our website for people of all ages to be a part of the ad. All you had to do was fill in a form and click send.
After just seven days, we had over 200 applications with 700+ people interested! We’d have loved to cast every one of you, but with just one day of filming we needed to whittle the numbers down to a lucky few hundred.

The crew
Next we needed a crew, we teamed up with Chief Productions from Manchester to film the ad at our water wonderland. We filmed our excited cast members jumping the waves in our indoor pool, splashing around in the outdoor pool and enjoying the view of Scarborough bay in our stunning infinity pool.
We used a compilation of underwater, traditional, green screen and even drone footage. We also captured the adrenaline-fuelled fun of our slides with the talented Miles Chatsworth’s amazing Go Pro footage with the help of Live Every Minute, using extra footage from Yorkshire based company and Fridge productions, Special thanks to all the brilliant people involved.

So, are you ready to see the finished TV ad? It’s already hit TV screens across the UK, but in case you haven’t seen it yet you can take a look here below!

Enjoy the ride.