Aufguss (a German word for “infusion”) is a wellness and purification ceremony performed in the sauna, by an “Aufgussmeister”.

The ceremony involves pouring water mixed with essential oils onto the hot stones of the sauna stove, after which the Aufgussmeister directs the hot, scented steam towards the bathers using rhythmical movements of a towel. This creates an intense and enjoyable multi-sensory experience. The ceremony is followed by some minutes in the fresh air and a cold shower, in order to create a thermal shock, which will release adrenaline. After that, our guests will look for a cozy spot to rest so the adrenaline can make its way for happy endorphins.

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Wood's Infusion

Himalaya's Ceder (Antiseptic) Come and smell the woods in the sauna. Strengthens the body's defences thanks to the antiseptic properties of Himalayan cedar.


Inipi (Native American) Lemongrass (Purifying) - Eucalyptus Globulus (Expectorant) It purifies the spirit like the Native Americans did. Expel the bad emotions in this Inipi ceremony.

Ganesh's Dreams

Ganesh's dreams Orange (calming effect) Relax in India's deepest journey. Experience the sweet scent of orange and benefit from its calming properties.

Eucalyptus Experience

Eucalyputs Experience Eucalyptus Globulus (Expectorant) - Eucalyptus Dives (Expectorant) Try our eucalyptus experience. An infusion of freshness will make you breathe better.

Rockin' Sauna

Rockin' Sauna Lemon (Purifying) - Peppermint (Expectorant) Activate your day in the sauna. Water, ice and rock'n'roll

Medical Plants

Medical plants Tea Tree (Disinfectant) - Canphor (Balsamic) Treat your body with our selection of medicinal plants in this aromatherapy ceremony

Enjoy the Moment

Enjoy the Moment Music and mix of essential oils by the saunameister. Anything can happen, always different sauna experience.

Citrus Fruit (Purification)

Citrus fruit (Purifying) Orange - Grapefruit - Lemon A mix of citrus fruits you can't miss. Come and feel their purifying effect and nourish yourself with vitamin C

Flower's Infusion

Lavender (soothing) - Palmarosa (anti-inflammatory) Clean your body in this floral infusion. A scented touch for your skin.

Sea View

Lemon (Purifying) - Eucalyptus Dives (Expectorant) Experience this unique experience while relaxing in this sea view sauna.

Detox's Ritual

Lavender (Soothing) - Lemongrass (Purifying) Dispose of unnecessary toxins from your body. Thanks to the detox effect of these essential oils.


Grapefruit (Purifying) - Palmarosa (anti-inflammatory) Relax mind and body the natural elements await you in this aufguss ceremony


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