Saunas have been part of all Northern European cultures since the medievals. The change of hot and cold elements increase your circulation and reduce your stress level. At the end, you will feel replenished and ready to take on your daily routines and challenges with renewed energy.

Panorama Sauna

Finnish Sauna (90°C)

The Classic Nordic Sauna Overlooking Scarborough's North Bay.

Clay Sauna


The low, dry heat helps the muscles relax and eases away tensions. Increased blood flow speeds up the body’s healing powers.

Hay Bath

Dive into the deep and warm scent of hay to relax and rest your mind. The Hay room is harvested from North Yorkshire Pastures

Foot Reflexology Bath

The Reflexology bath is based on the knowledge of traditional chinese medicine and provides an ideal foot reflexology treatment for you

Ice and Aroma Shower

Chromo-Aromatherapy has positive effects on your wellbeing and helps alleviate tensions.

The perfect gift for Sauna Lovers

Know someone who likes to get hot and steamy? get them the perfect gift...